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Financial Education

Financial Literacy We continue to hear a lot about inadequate financial advice in the media, much of what is being said needs …

Starts at 60 – things to consider

These are the things you consider in your 60s. I am 60ish and still working full time. Parents worry about the financial safety of their family. As the mother of Adam and Meg, both in their 30s, I have had first-hand experience at attempting to give my Meg some financial tips. Meg and her husband Jason pool their salaries, Jason is the details person so he does his research to make sure they have the best mortgage package.

AotY – My final AFA Adviser of the Year Diary

I head out to Cairns early in the morning for the 2015 AFA Conference. It only seems like yesterday I was packing to attend last year’s event, certainly not considering anything other than how fortunate I was to be considered as a finalist for the Adviser of the Year Award.

AotY – AFA Roadshow

The AFA crew and 2014 AFA award-winners are back from our Roadshow travels through every state – and what an amazing two weeks we have had with our advice community!

AOTY Diary – July 2015

It has been a while since I last put pen to my AOTY diary. Our clients had to come first, to say nothing of myriad end-of-financial-year tasks. July will be another busy month as we send out our Fee Disclosure Statements and, this year for the first time, our Opt-In letters (renewal of existing service agreements). This introduces a whole new level of testing whether our service is delivering what the client wants.

XY Adviser sharing

l am so glad I was able to share some ideas with the Gen XY Adviser group last night and that they were ideas they felt they could use. Every step we take towards providing financial literacy for our clients reduces the vulnerability of new investors.

AotY – Sharing with Gen XY Advisers

Established last year, this ever growing group of young professionals come together to share. If you have been reading my diaries you will know that I strongly support the idea that we can only grow if we grow together and that to actually find out what is ‘best practice’, we need to share this as well.