Meet The Team

Catriona Sgouros

Senior Adviser

Catriona came to financial planning via a career in language teaching: while living abroad she taught French, as well as English as a Foreign Language, to students ranging in age from 5 to 25. This experience informs her approach to the provision of financial advice – assisting a client in identifying and achieving goals is not just about the numbers. As part of her role as Senior Adviser at Dartnall Advisers, Catriona assists clients with their Aged Care needs and/or queries, and is an Accredited Aged Care Professional™.

Alex Denham

Senior Adviser

Alex joined Dartnall Advisers in 2011 as a Senior Adviser. Prior to that she spent 20 years as a technical specialist for leading wealth management companies where she picked up detailed knowledge on superannuation, retirement planning, social security matters, Aged Care and more. Since joining Dartnall Advisers she has become an Accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor™ 


Linda Ford

Administration Manager

Linda Ford is our Administration Manager, and is the newest member of our team, she has many years administration/office manager experience in various industries including accounting and law.  Linda is normally the first person you speak to when you contact us at Dartnall Advisers and will always know where to direct you. One of her most important roles is implementing advice recommendations and ensuring the client is kept informed of transaction status.


Carolyn Shiel

Client Administration

Carolyn has been working in the finance sector for many years coming to Dartnall Advisers as an experienced administration assistant. Her role supports the Advisers in preparation for client meetings, her main responsibility being preparation for portfolio construction portfolio review meetings, she is also responsible for the audit of advice implementation.

Bella Dartnall

Concierge & Client Support

I have been the Concierge at Dartnall Advisers for 8 years, I provide a welcome to all clients and keep them company in the waiting room. With my winning ways I have encouraged several clients to own a dog just like me and they come to visit me at the office.  The boss is strict around here so I need to know when I can be in her office at meeting time and when I need to make myself scarce, but I have a desk (my doggie bed) in the reception area as well as in the boss’s office so can hang out with Linda.

My skills; I can win over the most taciturn client, I can get any staff member to open doors for me and if I hang out in the kitchen I know how to do the head on one side cute dog thing so that I get fed treats.

My KPI’s – stay quiet, win over hesitant prospects and keep the boss company when she works late at night.