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Estate Planning

Eleanor Dartnall and Dartnall Advisers Pty Ltd are Authorised Representatives of Lonsdale Financial Group Limited, AFSL 246934. The estate planning service that Eleanor provides is provided by Dartnall Estate Planning which is unrelated to Lonsdale Financial Group Limited. As such Lonsdale Financial Group Limited is not responsible for the Estate Planning Services provided under Dartnall Estate Planning.

Financial Education

Financial Literacy We continue to hear a lot about inadequate financial advice in the media, much of what is being said needs …

Financial Literacy

We are hearing a lot about inadequate financial advice in the media over recent months, much of what is being said needs to be said. But how do we fix the problem of investors or clients not understanding the advice provided and, as a result, just going along with what has been recommended?

Face up to aged care changes

It is timely to revisit ‘residential aged care’ as major reforms to the aged care system are set to kick in on 1 July 2014. The financing arrangements have been revised, and will affect those who enter residential aged care on or after this date.

Who owns your assets?

This client forgot to inform his Adviser that, in his current Will, he had gifted all of his wealth in such a way that this new advice would overturn the provisions in his Will. Don’t forget who owns your assets when you seek advice.

Have you gifted assets your estate does not own?

Here, the wish to make a generous gift to a friend was never carried out. How concerned the widow would have been if she had realised the outcome of poor drafting and advice that did not take into account all the aspects of the widow’s affairs?

Please don’t forget your children

Today these four siblings are torn apart by grief, hurt and anger, one daughter states they probably will never speak to one another again; the sons now believe they were really not wanted after the daughters came along. All this due to a poorly written Will.

Overheard in a café…

We all have good reasons for how we leave our wealth to our families and that is fine, but we also need to remember that the last time our families hear our voice is when they read our Wills.