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Superannuation is boring

By Alex Denham And so are brussels sprouts. Until you add butter and bacon and onion and herbs and fry it all …

Raising the pension age is no reason to panic

The raising of the pension age to 70 has caused quite a stir, indeed outrage, amongst working Australians. Is it really as bad as everyone is saying or are some important points being missed in this debate?

Lending policies can spoil good SMSF strategies

I came up with a strategy that would be life- changing for a married couple. This strategy would get my clients their new house built without increasing their debt (in fact reducing it) and save them thousands in future capital gains tax – all with the core purpose of building up their superannuation for their retirement.

18.1 Billion reasons to start thinking about your retirement.

I recently spoke at a monthly meeting for the local chapter of the Master Builders Association. As part of my research for the presentation, I discovered a report commissioned by Westpac looking at lost superannuation. I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered that, based on their modeling, there is about $18.1 billion in lost superannuation in Australia.

Forgotten your super?

Came across an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph by Sophie Elsworth earlier this week reinforcing some of our long held concerns …